Getting from Point A to Point B can be easy with today’s GPS-enabled smartphones. Easy, that is, except for when you need your hands on the wheel and your attention on the road.


Square Jellyfish has a solution. Our Car Vent Mount is designed to hold your phone within easily viewable and audible distance right on the dashboard of your car. In an instant, your smartphone becomes an onboard navigation system, a streaming music player and a legal-to-use, hands-free phone.


Our tiny mount can be quickly attached or removed in a matter of seconds so you can use it in all your personal vehicles and even rental cars.


For information about hands free laws go to:


(Please observe and obey all local traffic and safety laws while using this device, each state and country are different!)

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Make iPhone Movies Everyone Loves,

by Allen Bronstein


Everything you need to know to shoot like a pro with a smartphone or tablet in small, fun, easy to understand steps.  The book helps you build a foundation of knowledge that will free you up, so you can unleash your creativity.


In addition to showing you how the camera works, the book covers:

• What apps (applications) and equipment to use

• How to edit on your phone

• How to create all kinds of videos including a child's birthday party, a travelogue, a commercial, a video blog, and even a suspense flick.

More than just another technical book about smartphone movie making,  Make iPhone Movies Everyone Loves  is about how to make you a better filmmaker.  Here's what John Morrison, Director of Education at the California Film Institute has to say...


"(Allen Bronstein's book) Make iPhone Movies Everyone Loves takes the extra step for the uninitiated. Bronstein isn’t satisfied with you just being able to take pictures of the kid’s next birthday party. He’s thinking grand ideas about the possibilities of that appliance you shove in your back pocket every morning. We’re not talking “home movies”. We’re talking Movies with a capital M."

Available at Amazon for $9.99

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