Square Jellyfish Pivot Car Vent Mount     2nd Version

Square Jellyfish

    Pivot Car Vent Mount

Square Jellyfish Pivot Car Vent Mount


The Square Jellyfish Pivot Car Vent Mount is designed to securely attach your smart phone or Garmin GPS to a square or rectangular air vent of your car.  With this mount, your hands are free to stay on the steering wheel allowing you the use of GPS navigation, phone conversations and other hands-free Smartphone functions.  Be sure to follow your state's hands-free regulations and never text while driving.

Vent Tension


Vent Clamp

Pivot Tension


Smartphone Mount


The Pivot Car Vent Mount comes equipped with Spring Mount Claws that securely hold Smartphones up to a 6" display.  The Smartphone claw assembly is attached to a Pivot Ball Joint allowing you to quickly place your Smartphone in virtually any orientation or position.  Tightening the Vent Tension Knob securely attaches the Vent Mount Clamp to the vent of your car.  Keep the driver vent free!!! and use the passenger vent and pivot the phone towards you.

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Garmin GPS


The supplied Spring Mount Claws can easily be removed to expose a Pivot Ball Joint that snaps onto the back of any Garmin GPS compatible with a 17mm ball Joint.   With the Pivot Ball Joint you can quickly place your Garmin GPS in virtually any orientation or position.  Tightening the Vent Tension Knob securely attaches the Vent Mount Clamp to the vent of your car.  (Please note the top of the Garmin receiver must have a clear view of the sky.  Not all vent installations will work)

Square Jellyfish Car Vent Mount     1st Version

Getting from Point A to Point B can be easy with today’s  GPS-enabled smartphones. Easy, that is, except for when you need your hands on the wheel and your attention on the road. Square Jellyfish has a solution. Our Car Vent Mount is designed to hold your phone within easily viewable and audible distance right on the dashboard of your car.


In an instant, your smartphone becomes an on board navigation system.   Our tiny mount can be attached or removed in a matter of seconds so you can use it in all your personal vehicles and even rental cars.

(Please observe and obey all local traffic and safety laws while using this device!  For more information about these laws go to:  http://handsfreeinfo.com)



GO HANDS-FREE WITH YOUR PHONE: Safely mount your smartphone in your car vent without blocking your visibility while driving.


STEADY AND SECURE DRIVING EXPERIENCE: Prevents any jostling or shaking of your device with our Vent Tightening Knob, which allows you to clamp down on your vehicle's vent for the ultimate tight grip


SUPPORTS YOUR PHONE MODEL: Holds most smartphones on the market (2 1/4" to 3 5/8" wide), including both the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.


NO MORE GLARE ON YOUR DEVICE:  Once mounted in your car's vent, the Car Vent Mount's second Device Positioning Knob allows you to rotate your phone from vertical to horizontal and back in seconds, as well as position your phone so as to avoid any distracting glare on your screen.




Q: Will Car Vent Mount work on all Vents?

A: No, It was NOT designed for round louvered vents.  With so many types of car designs.  You must decide if the Car Vent Mount will work properly in your car.  If the mount does not work for your car, please return to the seller for a refund.


Q: How tight should I make the Vent Tension Knob?

A: After properly installing the mount, use your hand to tighten the Vent Tension knob tightly.  Do not use a tool.  The mount was designed to break free to prevent damage to the vent even after the knob is tightened.  There is also some rubber on both sides of the clamp to prevent any damage to the vent.


Q: Should I turn off the air to the vent?

A: Normally it is a good ideal to shut off the air so the phone does not get too hot or too cold.  Please use common sense.


Q: Does it work best on the right or left side of the steering wheel?

A: This is purely user preference, but if there are some critical controls like the gear shifter on either side make sure that the phone does not block quick access.


Q: What Smart Phones does the mount work with?

A: The mount will work with the original iPhone 3 all the way to the new iPhone 6 and 6 plus with our without a case.  We have even tried this mount with the Galaxy Mega phone.  If the case is also a battery back up, the phone and battery back up case is too heavy for this mount.


Q: Can I install and remove the phone while driving?

A: DO NOT INSTALL OR REMOVE THE PHONE WHILE DRIVING, please wait until you have parked the car before you make any adjustments.


Q: Is it easy to adjust the angle of the phone?

A: Yes, there is a knob on the back that you can loosen and adjust the angle of the phone.  If you do not over tighten this knob, you can move the phone at any angle and it will stay there.  If you, prefer you can make the knob tight and the phone will not move at all.


Q: Are there any other adjustments?

A: Yes, If you loosen the Angle Adjustment Knob you can move the mount left and right by a half an inch and up and down by three quarter of an inch.  If possible, the mount works best when the Angle Adjustment Knob has something to rest on.  This will place less pressure on the vent.  With so many types of cars and vents, you will have to experiment to find the best solution.


Q: Can I install the phone with one hand?

A: Yes, With a little practice you can install and remove the phone with one hand.  Please the video below.



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