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Jelly Grip WX (Wireless Charging) Products

Jelly Grip WX 10W Wireless Charger

At the 2018 CES show in Las Vegas, Square Jellyfish introduced a family of products centered around a new wireless charger. The WX 10W wireless charger is compatible with both the Qi or Qualcomm Quick Charge 2 / 3 standards (QC).  Charges phones equipped with Qi charging solutions like the newest iPhone and Galaxy devices.  Simply connect the AC wall adapter that came with your phone to the charger and you are good to go.  For a faster charge you can use the 10W adapter that came with a tablet.  To take advantage of the QC charging for phones like the Galaxy 8 / 9 , you must connect a QC compatible 9V power supply or car adapter.  The charger will automatically switch to the proper mode.  The wireless charger will work with most cases as long as there is no metal between the charger and the phone.  Do not place your credit card between the charger and the phone.  It may damage your credit card.

The charger is designed to work with the Jelly Grip WX Car Vent Mount or the Jelly Grip WX Tripod Mount.  It comes with a high quality braided USB cable that is rated for 2 amps.   As a light weight solution, the charger can be placed on a table without the mounts.

Jelly Grip WX Wireless Charger with Dual 2.4A DC Car Adapter

Some cars are equipped with a USB charge port.  If you need a high power car adapter, we have a combo kit that includes the WX Wireless Charger, USB Cable and dual USB DC car adapter that can provide 2.4A at 5V at each port for a total of 4.8A.  The car adapter is not a low cost plastic model, this DC car adapter has a low profile design and an aluminum body.  The adapter lights to indicate power is applied.

Jelly Grip WX Car Vent Mount

The new WX Car Vent Mount is designed to work with the WX charger.  The WX charger simply snaps in between the spring arms and locks in place.

The Jelly Grip WX Car Vent mount’s metal vent hook in conjunction with the screw clamp makes it virtually impossible for the mount to come loose or fall off.  Works only with straight vents that are 3/8″ to 1″ deep.

The pivot ball at the center of the Jelly Grip Mount allows you to tilt and rotate your Smartphone to virtually any angle.  Not only can the phone be rotated 360 it can be tilted forward and backwards.

The WX charger is sold separately.

Jelly Grip WX Tripod Mount with Pro Tripod

The WX Tripod Mount and Pro Tripod will hold any phone on the market with or without a case and will help you take great pictures and videos.  This new mount was designed to work with the WX Wireless Charger.  Simply snap the WX charger between the spring arms and you have a wireless charger solution for your desk.

The Jelly Grip WX Mount is similar to popular Jelly Grip Tripod Mount except the spring arms are longer to work with the charger.   They also stretch a little wider up to 4 inches wide.

The WX charger is sold separately.

Jelly Grip WX Tripod Mount

If you want to use your own tripod, you can just purchase the mount by itself.  The mount will work with any phone on the market.  Just put your phone between the spring arms and move it to the desired position and let it go.  The tension will hold the phone steady for improved pictures and videos.  This mount is also compatible with the new WX Charger.